The M-Tronic system allows you to monitor the work and the machine during its use and interact in real time with the settings of the machine parameters, manuals, emergency alerts and much more. Click on the M-Tronic logo to access the M-TRONIC interface web page, where you must enter the credentials provided by Marini QG to access your account and connect to the purchased system.
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Diamond wire technologies

Machines for squaring and bank cutting

The latest diamond wire technology in the marble and granite quarries as well as in the civil engineering involves the following equipment and machineries named diamond wire saws.
Machines for marble
Diamond wire sawing machines with fixed speed, suitable for all marble and similar stones quarries.
Machines for granite
Diamond wire sawing machines with variable speed, suitable for all granite and similar stones quarries
Devices and accessories
Wide range of accessories for all Marini diamond wire sawing machines application.
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