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Advanced technology for great works

Industrialization and quality

The seriousness and professionalism that have always distinguished Marini Quarries Group are combined with the high technology used for the construction of our equipment.

The serious and highly professional working methods that have always distinguished the Marini Quarries Group, are combined with the high technology used for the production of the equipment.


The first aspects that strike the users of Marini equipment are attention to details, exceptional solidity and easy use.

Marini Quarries Group concentrates on all those elements that enable it to produce a quality product and that, taken all together, constitute the company philosophy. From creative design, that is the result of our constant attention to the needs of the consumers and that is concretely achieved in the production of a technologically advanced product line, to after-sales service, everything is handled and controlled with the maximum efficiency and speed.


Subsequent to CAD engineering and quality controls on the raw materials, the various manufacturing phases are performed with milling machines, boring machines and machining centers with numerical control to obtain a product that has, for years, made Marini Quarries Group employees proud to work for them.

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