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The history and values of Marini Quarries Group

Marini Quarries Group is a worldwide leader in the production of machinery and equipment for drilling and diamond wire cut in marble and granite quarries as well as in civil engineering applications. The know-how acquired in 40 years of professional growth and the wide assistance network make Marini Quarries Group an ideal partner to supply either single machines or the whole quarry plant in any part of the world.

Marini Quarries Group operates in a modern industrial plant in Valdossola, near the motorway network and close to the Swiss border.

Its ideal geographical position has without a doubt contributed to the success of the company, enabling it to test the effectiveness and reliability of its products in the nearby marble, ‘serizzo’ and granite quarries in the Ossola valley in cooperation with the local expert quarry workers.



Founded in 1975 by Marini Giuliano, and today owned by Zaninetti Valter and Ferraro Massimo, the Marini Quarries Group company is considered an historical partner in the drilling and cutting sector in the field of quarries and Civil Engineering. With 25 different models of machines for the quarry sector and more than 30 subdivided into 5 production lines for civil engineering, we are able to offer our customers many different and effective solutions for the cultivation of quarries and for specialized ground engineering works.

The first aspects that strike the users of Marini equipment are attention to details, exceptional solidity and easy use. Marini Quarries Group concentrates on all those elements that enable it to produce a quality product and that, taken all together, constitute the company philosophy. From creative design, that is the result of our constant attention to the needs of the consumers and that is concretely achieved in the production of a technologically advanced product line, to after-sales service, everything is handled and controlled with the maximum efficiency and speed.

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