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Turbo Cut


The new TURBO CUT by Marini is a stationary wire machine of new generation for squaring stone blocks and cutting thick slabs. The electro-welded steel structure and the patented movement mechanisms with “autocover” system make this unit reliable and easy to manage. The machine control by means of a simple console with integrated touchscreen display facilitates the interface with operators, speeding up their ease of use.

Technical info
Main motor power 30 Kw / 40 Hp
Flywheels numbers 4
Flywheels diameter 960 mm / 37.8 in
Diamond wire diameter 8 - 11 mm / 0.31 - 0.43 in
Usable cutting length 4000 mm / 13.12 ft
Usable cutting heigth 2500 mm / 8.20 ft
Lubrication system Automatic
Block transport carriage Automatic with rotating turn table
Block transport carriage capacity 50.000 kg / 110.230 lbs
Cutting software Variable automatic cuts
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