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MR – C 35


MR – C 35 is a small mobile drilling unit remote controlled with separable hydraulic power pack, optimized for all the works of civil engineering, core drilling, micro piles, anchors and consolidations.

Suitable to work in narrow spaces and difficult to access, it is equipped with a single articulated arm (2 joints) and hydraulic power pack able to provide 56 HP / 75Hp, to operate any kind of hydraulic rock-drill or down-the-hole hammer and perform any type of drilling job.

Like all Marini units, the MR – C 35 can be customized in relation to the different needs.

Technical info
Engine Power 41 - 55 Kw
Retract Force 5000 daN
Max.Clamp Passage 230 mm
Weight 6000 Kg
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