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Diamond wire sawing machine running on 6 m track which can be folded on a crawler self-propelled unit for quick machine positioning in any cutting situation.

The track can be folded, rotate 360° over the track level and it is completed with No. 4 hydraulic and No. 2 manual independent stabilizers to allow the proper positioning on any quarry yard.

The crawler controlled by manual control panel and it is equipped with a hydraulic pack powered by a 23 HP benzin/electric motor. MINI MOBIL FIL can be supplied with saws for marble and granite with 15 / 20 and 25 HP motors.

Technical info
Engine 17 Kw
Applicables units 15 / 20 / 25 Hp
Tracks N. 3 - tot. 6000 mm
Weight 1550 Kg
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