The M-Tronic system allows you to monitor the work and the machine during its use and interact in real time with the settings of the machine parameters, manuals, emergency alerts and much more. Click on the M-Tronic logo to access the M-TRONIC interface web page, where you must enter the credentials provided by Marini QG to access your account and connect to the purchased system.
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The New MR-P 400

Presented at Bauma 2022, to consolidate the presence of Marini Quarries Group in the piling market, the new MR-P400 is perfectly suited to limited access job sites thanks to its versatility. The MR-P 400 is available and configurable in two versions according to drilling needs. Kelly Bar configuration for bored piles up to 27m deep and CFA configuration for drilling up to 11m. The MR-P 400 can also be converted into the CFA version on site by the end user.

The new MR-P 400 is the piling machine born from the need to have compactness and reliability in sites with difficult access.

Equipped with a double motor rotary head, it can generate a maximum torque of 40 kNm at a maximum drilling speed of 60 rpm.

Equipped with the new “M-TRONIC” operator interface system, an easy and intuitive touchscreen system, which offers the possibility of monitoring and interacting with the machine settings also via PC and smartphone thanks to the dedicated App, soon available on our website.

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