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A new product line of equipment for large diameter piles

The new MR-P 350 opens the doors to the new line of restricted access piling rigs! Find out more by reading the news.
The little versatile

The new MR-P 350 is a track-mounted piling rig for the installation of bored piles with Kelly bar system. The compact footprint and notable power of the MR-P 350 mean it is capable of installing piles of diameter up to 1200 mm and depth 18 m.

Mainly operated under Low Head Room (LHR) conditions thanks to the telescopic mast that offers greater positioning flexibility and the detachable hydraulic power pack up to a distance of 30 m were the requirements that outlined the design of this new piling rig.

A look at the technology

The remote control with integrated data display allows to monitor the entire engine, manage RPM, display mast angle (and therefore ascertain the angle at which the pile is being installed) and thanks to the encoder fitted to the main winch, you can check hole depth that will also appear on the display. The rig can also be fitted with an optional data logger.


Undercarriage:                                         variable-width track (1350-1850 mm)

Maximum gradeability:                          80%

Maximum speed:                                     2.5 km/h

Engine:                                                      Kohler KDI 2504 TCR

Rated power:                                            55 kW (75 HP) at 2600 RPM

Main pump capacity:                              160 l/min

Main pump pressure:                             250 bar

Fuel consumption:                                  5 l/h

Main-winch line pull:                             3000 daN

Auxiliary-winch line pull:                      1000 daN

Remote control:                                       standard push-button remote (optional push-button remote with data display)

Rotary heads:                                           R-27    (R-35)

Maximum torque:                                   2700 daNm (3500 daNm)

Drilling speed:                                         45 RPM          (0-45 RPM)

Spin-Off:                                                   70 RPM

Rotary-head stroke:                                700 mm

Crowd force:                                             9000 daN

Pulling force:                                            6000 daN

Drilling diameter:                                    500-1200 mm

Maximum depth:                                     18 m

Detachable hydraulic unit optional

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