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The new MR-C 30 drilling rig, super compact and versatile, but also super green.

The constant drive towards innovation is something that fascinates everyone at Marini. Here is the third novelty of 2023!

Finally joining the MR-C line, the new MR-C 30 makes its debut at the Solscope fair in Lyon (FR) in June 2023.

The striking features of this small unit, in addition to the remarkably small dimensions specifically intended for carrying out work inside buildings, are the versatility of movement and power.

In fact, once again Marini’s engineers managed to keep the performance unchanged when the general dimensions of the machine varied. With a modular mast with a pulling force of 3500 daN, a maximum rotation torque of 1000 daNm and the clamping unit up to 310 mm, this machine has no rivals in terms of performance.

Now available in the range of the crawler rigs with 4 different engines (Diesel or Electric), the first two machines have already been delivered to our Swedish dealer.

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