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VOYAGER is an hydraulic crawler unit extremely compact, designed for drilling horizontal holes coplanar with the quarry floor. The drilling slide can reach any angle to execute horizontal, vertical or inclined holes.

The self-propelled structure with rubber tracks is driven by an hydraulic power pack equipped with 23 HP diesel or gasoline motor (15 HP electric motor on request).The VOYAGER equipped with the MARINI hydraulic coring head mod. ID-CD becomes a highly effective mobile unit for the subsoil exploration, for carrying out cores on marble and granite suitable for drilling in any direction.

It allows to evaluate the material properties (color, texture, presence of breakage and defects) before the opening of the quarry. Like all Marini units, the VOYAGER can be customized in relation to the different needs.

Technical info
Engine Power 17 Kw
Drill Diameter 90 - 140 mm
First Drill Rod 1500 mm
Weight 1300 Kg
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