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MA 100


MA 100 is a roto- percussion rock drill with separated hydraulic or pneumatic rotation , left and right, pneumatic percussion.

The rock drill MA100 is mainly used in the execution of self-drilling anchors. It can work with either air or water flushing, with standard threaded rods or with self-anchoring rods with the simultaneous mortar injection (grout).

The pneumatic version can be installed on the whole MARINI QUARRIES GROUP ‘s pneumatic range and it need only an air connection with a compressor to work. The hydraulic rotation version thanks the hydraulic motor achieves superior performances in terms of drilling speed and depth but it requires a small power pack to work.

The MA100 is suitable for drill rods from R25 – R32 – R38, ISCHEBECK Titan 30 – 40 – 52.

Technical info
Feeding pneumatic/pneumatic-hydraulic
Impact Energy 180 Nm
Rotation Torque 30 (pneumatico) 100 (idraulico) da Nm
Shanks R25/R32/R38/R51 ISCHEBEDECK TITAN 30/40/52
Weight 56 Kg
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