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Diamond wire sawing machines with main motor powers of 50, 60 or 75 HP with variable wire speed controlled by inverter for cutting granite and similar stones.

An electric motor controlled by inverter allows the fast positioning on rails and the accurated and constant tensioning of the diamond wire durinig the cuttings.
The translation and the 360° rotation of the main flywheel. powered by electric motors, allows its fast aligning and to execute two cuts at a distance of 1750 /1950 mm avoiding the tracks movement.

It is possibile to operate even on inclined surfaces in any direction, cutting horizontally at zero level.
Light control panel positionable on a safe place for the operator.

Unit available with remote control upon request

Technical info
Engine 37 / 44 / 55 Kw
Linear Wire Speed 0 - 40 m/s
Inverter Yes
Weight 1780 / 1860 / 1900 Kg
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