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Machines for applications in civil engineering

Marini Quarries Group designs and manufactures machines for applications in civil engineering for common feature and prerogative of the project are compact, lightweight, ergonomic and versatile, able to adapt to various business needs. Our units are used in operation concerning, reinforcement, anchorage, installation of rock barriers, avalanche barriers, etc.
MR Line
Pneumatic/hydraulic light drilling unit made for acrobatic drilling works, slopes consolidation, anchors, nailing, barring.
MR-A Line
Pneumatic/hydraulic drilling masts suitable for a wide range of self-moving equipment/excavator.
MR-C Line
Crawler drilling rigs suitable to various specialized drilling operations in civil engineering and foundation
MR-S line
Pneumatic/hydraulic light drilling slides designed to be installed on various frames such as scaffoldings, self-moving equipment.
Top Hammers
Wide range of pneumatic / hydraulic top hammers with separated rotation suitable for Marini machines
Rotary heads
Wide range of pneumatic / hydraulic rotary heads suitable for Marini machines
Wide range of accessories and tools for all Marini machines.
Power Pack
Wide range of power packs suitable for Marini machines
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